Introducing NappyChat

More and more research shows that chatting to your baby
(even when in the womb) can have great positive effects:
  • they start communicating earlier
  • they have better social interaction
  • they have a richer vocabulary

At Mum & You we believe reading stories and chatting through playtime can make a big difference in our babies’ lives, so to help inspire you (because let’s be honest, sometimes we’re too exhausted to know what to say!) we created a playful tribe of characters that you will find on our Mum & You eco-nappies. Through them we want to help you bond with your baby at change time and beyond.

We’ve teamed up with baby communication experts

and we are developing resources for you to access soon with these 3 key objectives (read more here)


Our vivid characters on every M&Y nappychat nappy will capture baby’s attention and your imagination, inspiring your storytelling and rhymes to sing together.


Chatting and telling stories helps build baby’s vocabulary and supports a later love of books, important for their success and happiness in later life. Communicating can begin long before baby can talk, enjoy describing our playful characters and watch baby’s reaction.


Baby will soon tell you about their favourite character and want to hear all about them again and again in story form or rhyme. The chatter can continue long after nappy change time too.

Mum & You resources are available on our nappychat app and you will find: stories and rhymes & playtime ideas. Each and every one of them with suggestions of conversation starters to start talking with your baby.
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Our Content will be divided in to age groups.

Here are some samples of the stories we are working on for you.

0-6 months

New Day with Ray

When Ray rises high in the morning It means it’s a bright new day Wake up, get up, have your nappy changed Let’s see what we’ll learn today!

Talk about the day

When the sun comes up a new day starts. What is our morning routine? What will we wear? What will we have for breakfast? What will you do today? Where will you go? Will you be going somewhere new?

6-18 months

Baggy Goes Bananas

When he has bananas to eat. They’re long and sweet and yellow And they are his favourite treat.

Talk about bananas

What do bananas look like? What is their colour? Is it your favourite fruit? Which other animals love bananas? Where do they grow? What other fruits are there? Which other fruits are yellow?

18 months +

Cold and Windy day

When it is cold and windy Put on you coat, scarf and hat Beware of the cheeky twins Huff and Puff For they’ll blow them away just like – that!

Chat about cold and windy days

What do we put on when it's cold? Why do we put it on? Are that scarf and the hat soft? What colors are they? Do they have any characters? Let them practice putting on the hat, the scarf, and coat by themselves.

Meet the NappyChat characters

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