Who We Are

The Mum & You story is a simple one. We wanted to create a company where supporting mums and their babies became intergal to everything.

Mum & You was born from the realisation that to give babies the best start in life, we needed to support Mums. The first 1,000 days of baby's life are the most important for their development, it's a critical phase during which the foundations of a child's future are laid that has a profound impact on a child's ability to grow, learn and thrive. But this can also be the toughest time for any new Mum.

We are commited to supporting Mums during this period. Because every child's future starts with Mum.

Our Team

Anu Chandra

Chief Financial Officer

Rajiv Chandra

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael Goodman

Chief Digital Officer

Sarah Slate

Head of Customer Success

Almudena Rein

Chief Marketing Officer

Vasantha Dheerasekara

Financial Controller

Silvia Lladó

Creative Lead

David Cowell

Chief Supply Officer

Emma Mullan

Senior Innovation Manager

Rachel Porter

Lead Digital Marketing Manager

Julie Smith

Senior Customer Services Executive

Aarushi Tomar

Performance Marketing Manager

Amanda Gavin Taylor

Regulatory and Scientific Service Manager

Ashlie Bishop

Social Media Executive

Laura Atkin

HR Manager

Rhiannon Day

Customer Services Representative

Heather Sinden

Book Keeper

Bharat Chandra

Supply Chain Executive

Designed by mums for mums

As parents ourselves we truly understand what it's like to have this precious baby in your arms and all the lovely chaos that surrounds it.

That's why everything Mum & You makes started off with one question:"What would make my life easier". whether it's bath products that only require one hand to use, wipes that biodegrade and leave your conscience as clean as your baby's bum, or a little treat just for yourself, we are truly commited to making this wild parenting adventure a little bit easier for you.

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