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Made BY Moms FOR Moms

Let’s be frank: being a mom is a beautiful mix of learning, balance and adventure rolled into one. At Mum & You, we know that the best thing for babies is to have a mom who is fully supported and that’s where our little company was born.

We won’t try to compete with baby cuddles, that newborn smell (if we could only bottle it!), or those first giggles, but up there on the list of great moments is the realization that other moms just get it.

At Mum & You, we get that babies, (and kids!), take a lot of work, and part of that is finding the right eco-friendly products that make your life easier.

Whether it's our guilt-free compostable baby wipes or eco-friendly diapers that are delivered right to your doorstep or our pledge to donate diapers to moms in need with every subscription purchase, supporting moms will always be our goal.


A Brand like no other: What Sets Mum and You Apart

The birth of Mum & You began with our founders – moms and a few dads, with one common core: a vision grounded in supporting happy, healthy moms which transcribes to happy babies.

‘supporting moms with every purchase’

From the very start of our company, Mum & You has been dedicated to supporting all moms. We do this not only through the creation of safe, gentle, eco-friendly products, but also  through our commitment to donating products to moms in need.

For every purchase of a subscription, Mum & You proudly donates products to moms in need through our partnerships with Moms Helping Moms, a non-profit organization that provides low income families the essential baby items that they need to give their children a safe, happy and healthy start.

And this is why all products M&Y make are designed by moms; it’s why from day one, we pledged to give back to moms in need, and why we are a flexible employer that supports moms back into the workplace after a career break.


Why Eco-Friendly? 

What’s the deal with natural, eco-friendly products and why should we use them?

From the very moment our little ones enter our world, (and perhaps before that), we naturally begin to think about the impact of chemicals and other non-natural substances in our environment.

We’re consistently committed to making this parenting adventure a bit easier.

‘motherhood should be filled with opportunity, not compromise’

Each product, from our dermatologically tested diapers made using wood pulp from certified sustainable forestry to our plastic-free wipes and natural skincare for moms has been thoughtfully created by moms (like you) for moms (like you!).

And we are so excited to share these amazing products with you and deliver them to your doorstep whenever you need them.

‘Mum & You products start with a simple question: What would make life easier?’

From baby toys to recycled strollers and baby bags, eco-friendly design and sustainability are making their way into homes at an increasing amount.

Mum & You knows that caring about children also means caring for the environment.As our children grow, we recognize the significance of preserving the environment for future generations.

In most cases, environmentally friendly products come at a compromise for parents: a compromise in either convenience, performance or baby’s comfort.

Mum & You continues to set the standard for sustainability without compromise by designing products that combine all key aspects of quality, comfort and sustainability: a commitment that proudly sets the Mum & You brand apart from others.

One example of Mum & You’s dedication to sustainability without compromise is reflected in our super soft, biodegradable baby wipes.

Our baby wipes are not only compostable and made from sustainably sourced naturally derived viscose, our eco-friendly wipes are the only wipes in the United States to receive Green Seal Certification.

Green Seal certification further highlights Mum & You’s unwavering commitment to meet the highest standards of green and clean living: a promise we’ve made since the very beginning.

Many of Mum & You’s thoughtfully created products are nearly 100% naturally derived. Mum & You is also one of the only brands currently using a renewable sugarcane material for our packaging.

At Mum & You we’re on a journey not only to have a positive impact on the lives of babies but also to continuously improve the sustainability of our products. Our mission is exhibited in the creation of our products through:

  • Compostable plant-based, plastic-free wipes (99.4% water)
  • Packaging that is recyclable or made from sustainable sugarcane
  • Eco-diapers made entirely free from lotions and latex derived from a certified sustainable forestry made using chlorine-free wood pulp
  • Naturally derived and registered Vegan skincare range for moms

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That's a Wrap! 

From biodegradable, plant-based wipes gentle enough for newborn skin to naturally derived, vegan skincare for Moms that are midwife and mom approved, our products speak to the core of our mission.

At Mum & You, we support moms, because after all happy moms make happy babies. We’re proud to make our world just that much better, one mom, one baby at a time.

We’re always working on new products every day, and we want your ideas too! Share with us what makes your life easier below or drop us a line.

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