The Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Messy Baby Hands  

If you were to ask any mom, wet wipes , right alongside comfy and leak-proof diapers (and naptime!), are those baby essentials that moms can’t live without.  

From plane rides to car trips, days at the beach or during diaper changes and mealtime, wet wipes extend well beyond the baby changing-time years. 

So, where can moms find soft functional wipes that check all the boxes when it comes to safety, effectiveness, and gentleness on both baby and the environment? 


'Because looking after your baby’s skin and the world they live in doesn’t need to be a choice’

With Mum & You Biodegradable Wipes , you don’t have to choose between looking after your baby’s skin and protecting our planet. Cover each and every spill, sticky fingers,  diaper changes, sand-crusted toys and beyond.

These plant-based, plastic-free, registered vegan biodegradable wipes are created for moms by moms. And don’t just take our word for it, these wipes have received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval!

Not to mention, they are the ONLY wipe in the United States to receive Green Seal Certification. 

Discover why it's important to choose biodegradable, what to avoid when it comes to buying wipes, and how the Mum & You brand will forever be your go-to source for gentle, environmentally safe, hypoallergenic wipes for your entire family. 


Why Biodegradable? What does it mean?

With wipes being one of the leading baby products, (you’ll use up to an estimated 1,000 wipes each month in the first year!) and around 2,200 diapers per year, you’ll want to choose wipes that are free and clear from harmful toxins and plastics. This is where Mum & You comes in. 

The content of Mum & You biodegradable wipes are minimal. 99.5% of the ingredients are all-natural and were selected because of their gentle, moisturizing properties. 

Biodegradable products are able to simply  break down to basic components to  blend back in with the earth.  

‘Biodegradable means that today’s sticky mess won’t be a problem for tomorrow’s generation’

The very best biodegradable materials break down quickly, just like Mum & You’s baby wipes. In fact, our biodegradable wipes will even break down well before you’re celebrating your baby’s first month! 

They break down in as little as 15 days... even in landfill conditions. That’s faster than food waste! 

Not only are our wipes biodegradable, but they're suitable for home composting too. 

Now that’s something to celebrate. 

Baby on Beach eco friendly wipes

Less Plastic = More Green  

Did you know that 90% of wipes, including baby wipes, contain plastic?! A world with less plastic and thus less pollution  and products without  chemicals and toxins is so important to  Mum & You. Our registered vegan, compostable wipes are made with ZERO  plastic leaving your baby, and the environment, well taken care of.  

Mum & You was built by a team of moms (and a few dads!)who know how important it is to have safe and healthy ingredients in everything you put on our little ones. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside our super soft biodegradable wipes lovingly designed with you, baby and the environment in mind: 

  • Plant-based: made from sustainably sourced, 100% naturally derived viscose fibers 
  • Composed of 99.4% water for ultimate kindness to babies skin 
  • Fragrance free 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Cruelty free Leaping Bunny approved 
  • Registered Vegan

By choosing biodegradable, plant-based wipes you’re helping to keep our world greener and your baby completely cared for: minus those “icky” toxins. 


Getting the (Green) Seal of Approval

Mum & You baby wipes are the gold standard for eco-friendly baby products and have the certificate to prove it! These wipes are the only wipes in the United States to receive Green Seal Certification.

As one of the world’s most trusted eco-labels, obtaining Green Seal Certification ensures that when you purchase Mum & You biodegradable wipes,  you’re making healthy more sustainable choices for you and your family! 

Green Seal Certification is yet another way that Mum & You reaffirms our commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly products for moms and babies.

These wipes have also been Parent Tested and Parent Approved! The PTPA community helps families make the right product choices for their children by collecting real, honest feedback from their network. Only products that are tested and loved by parents like you receive the seal. 

Baby with biodegradable wipes Mum & You

Perfect Packaging: Something to Talk About

We know our biodegradable wet wipes are an everyday essential but that’s no reason to stop there. 

At Mum & You, we’ve gone even further with sustainable intentional design through our packaging. 

Our compostable wipes are housed in recyclable wrap that can be recycled with carrier bags at larger stores like supermarkets! 

Newborn baby feet
Super Subscriptions: Making More Time for Cuddles 

Never run out of baby wipes (or diapers) again! In addition to Mum & You’s commitment to easy eco-friendly choices for moms, we’ve created super convenient subscriptions. 

Get everything you need delivered in a perfectly sized box, right to your doorstep. And save up to 25% on your order by choosing to subscribe. Our subscriptions offer complete convenience by allowing moms to: 

  • Choose from our biodegradable wipes, eco-friendly diapers and training pants, or both! 
  • Choose frequency for delivery: 15, 30, or 45 days
  • Cancel at anytime without charges or unnecessary commitments  

Mum & You subscriptions help you get back to far more important things: like those adorable baby smiles. 

Holding baby's hand

That’s A Wrap!

Supporting moms by providing thoughtfully designed, convenient, and eco-friendly products that wrap babies in the most gentle of materials is truly at the heart of Mum & You. 

After all, happy moms make happy babies and leaving the world that much better for everyone is one of the greatest gifts we can give. 

Try one of our biodegradable wipes bundles or order a subscription so you never have to worry about running low again!