The Best Summer Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Looking for engaging activities for your active toddler or baby this summer? With warmer weather and slowed schedules, summer is the perfect time to try something new.

Below we’ve listed  5 of our favorite summer activities that will engage babies and toddlers all the way to nap time!


Baby outside playing

1. Summer Time Activities to Get Connected with Nature:

There’s nothing better than getting outside in nature with your little ones. Whether you head out to explore a new trail, your local park, or even just your own backyard, nature is one of the best backdrops for engaging activities with the kiddos. 

Below are a few nature-themed activities that will not only get you outside but will help your little ones to connect to the wide world around them: 

  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt! Grab a bag and head on out to your backyard, local park, or favorite trail to see how many items you can find. These scavenger hunt ideas from Homemade Heather are amazing! 
  • Collect and paint rocks: collecting and painting rocks is a fun activity for any age! Turn rocks into pets or create your own rock garden. Need rock painting inspiration? Grab a rock painting book and create adorable designs to last for years to come. 
  • Create these adorable milk carton bird feeders Make a fairy house: use tree bark, sticks, mud, moss or any other materials around the yard to build your very own pint-sized home perfect for fairies
  • Plant a butterfly or hummingbird garden using flowers and plants that are known to attract some of nature’s beautiful creatures
  • Go camping in your yard: you can bring a tent or even make a DIY one  from sticks , and spend the afternoon camping out in the backyard
  • DIY Nature Memory Game: this fun matching memory game can be modified for even the youngest of kids in your family! 

biodegradable wipes outside

2.Get Creative with Hands-On Summer Activities

Summertime is the best time for messy outdoor activities. Grab your Mum & You baby wipes and dive on in!  Babies and toddlers love hands-on fun and there’s no better way than with messy artsy activities! 

  • DIY Chalk Paint: Chalk that doubles up as paint is a great way to keep the kiddos engaged. All you need is chalk, a cheese grater and wet wipes! Get the full directions right here.

  • Painting with Ice: This activity is perfect for babies and toddlers! Who knew ice could be so much fun? Cool down and enjoy some serious sensory playtime with this fun outdoor painting activity!

  • Create Nature Paint Brushes:  Get crafty with nature! Use tree branches, pine needles, flowers and even buds to create DIY paint brushes with your toddler. Then grab some paper and paints and then get creative! 


     Fish Bowl Snack Recipe Summer Snacks

    3. Picture Perfect Picnic 

    Whether it’s in your backyard, a beach or a favorite spot at the park, take a basket, sunscreen, wipes and your favorite foods on a picnic in the park. Grab your child’s favorite stories to read while you eat and spend the afternoon having lunch…with a view! 

    Not sure what to pack for food? Below are some awesome toddler-approved snacks that are sure to delight even your pickiest of eaters:

    • 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Cookies
    • Butterfly Snack Bags
    • Power Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffins
    • Under the Sea Graham Crackers
    • Chocolate and Fruit Ladybugs

     4. Water Play Summer Sensory Bins

    Sensory bins are great for babies and toddlers alike! From DIY moon sand to water beads and more, these sensory bin activities will have your little ones coming back for more! 

    • Ocean Sensory Bin: If you have food coloring, dish soap, and some shells, you can create this ocean-themed sensory bin really quickly. Throw in some sea creatures and water beads and you have the perfect go-to sensory bin for your little ones. 
    • Gelatin and Water Sensory Play Bin: Grab a tray, fill it with gelatin and water and get out in the grass for some messy, squishy fun.  Babies and toddlers absolutely love how this gelatin feels in their fingers plus it’s completely edible... a win-win!  
    • Water Beads and Shaving Cream Sensory Bin: Water beads are one of our favorite sensory experiences for toddlers. They’re easy to use, make very little (if any) mess, and are pure tactile heaven. Grab a container, put in water beads with shaving cream, and add a few toys as hidden surprises. Your little ones will dive right in! 


    Baby  Playing Dress Up

    5. Rainy Days are Fun Days: 

    Don’t let the rain ruin your summer fun! From indoor forts to creating marble races and more, there are an array of indoor activities you can do to keep your little ones happy, even when the weather isn’t. Here are some indoor activities to try with your little ones this summer: 

    • Create Salt Dough Impressions: making this salt dough is as fun as making the impressions in the dough itself! Salt, water, and flour are all you need for this fun activity
    • Make your Own Edible Play Dough: Play Dough is one of those classic sensory toys that will never get old. For toddlers creating an all-natural version is always best. The recipes listed here are some of the best we’ve come across. Throw in some cookie cutters to create shapes or grab some seashells from the beach and you have a great rainy day activity! 
    • DIY Moon Sand: Moon sand, also known as “cloud dough” is one of our favorite things to make on rainy days! With only two ingredients flour and vegetable oil, it’s so simple to make.  Moon Sand this super soft and can be molded into anything! 

    Baby on Phone Summer Activities

    Summer Activity Wrap Up: 

    Summer is calling so be sure you have plenty of fun activities to keep your little ones busy. Whether you’re toting around a newborn, chasing a toddler, or doing a little bit of both, these summer activities are sure to make everyone smile! 

    From creative ways to paint to exploring nature and activating the senses with water play, you’ll be able to pull this go to list whenever you need some summertime activity inspiration! 

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